Visa Number Availability in July 2013 and Future Movement Predictions  
  The Department of State has posted their monthly  
New Automated I-94 Glitch Creates Problems for I-9 Completion  
  By Josie Gonzalez, Gonzalez & Harris On April 26, ...  

  Frequently Asked Questions  
How can I check the status of a pending immigration petition or application?

If you have an application or petition pending with an immigration service center (e.g., Forms I-129, I-140, I-765, I-485), you can access very basic status online at the USCIS web site. You will need to have the 10 digit receipt number beginning with WAC, LIN, SRC, EAC, etc., which appears on the receipt notice. Our links page includes a link to “USCIS Online Case Status”. Please do not be alarmed if your case status is unavailable, as this frequently occurs when there is new information being uploaded or a problem with the system. Our links page also includes a link to “USCIS Processing Times”, where you can access processing time reports for each service center.

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